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IJM – Institute for Youth Management


The IJM Heidelberg offers complementary education going hand in hand with exceptional perspectives for children

and adolescents up to adulthood. The programmme includes services such as  educational tours and expeditions,

trips to the own youth centre, passenger transport in own omnibuses as well as  an online

support and an access to an online learning system.

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Sprache Startseite / language landingpage


I. Propaedeutics / Preparatory courses

Preparatory courses are online-based education programmes accompanying school in order to promote students individually. Additionally, the intention is to offer orientation and preparation for  higher studies and  apprenticeship. The programmes are executed online and tutored remotely. There are optional learning camps, attendance phases, excursions and video films complementing the programme.

Mathematische Formeln


Propaedeutic for performance-orienteed pupils of  primary schools and secondary schools. The course provides the material from 3rd/4th grade along the entire school path, all the way to a college or university course of study. It can be completed at the student's own pace, beginning at the grade level "three".



The propaedeutic in the field of languages provides  total access to 25 various language courses. The interactive  and easy to use programme is based on the  learning approach of  immersion. Accordingly,  learning content is  only  given in the target language – in small comprehensible steps, without any long-winded translations and grammar explanations! 

Lächelnd medizinisches Team
Human medicine


The introductory theme is  the medical terminology. After exploring this, there is taken a closer look at the human body in terms of it’s composition  and functions. Getting into the third part, which deals with chemistry for medics, is an optional choice.

National economy 


For gaining a solid bascial knowledge for later studies in the field of economics, there is worked on various fundamental themes of economics. These are for example supply and demand, markets and prosperity, the treatment of money and prices, organizational behaviour, labour economics, macroeconomics and much more.

Financial system


The propaedeutic course in the field of financial system provides understanding of correlations in the world of finances refering to the current crises due to governmental overindebtedness. Simultaneously, it is purposed to encourage ideas of creating own financial strategies.

Business Brainstorming
Business Administration


Themes are inter alia distribution, marketing, market research, sales promotion, pricing policy, competition, accountancy, law and organisation. The course ends in a case study covering all these themes.


There is taken a look at basical themes of chemistry such as atomes, molecules and ions. Furthermore, there are explored general concepts like acid-base balance¸ intermolecular forces, kinetics and thermodynamics. In the later course, more specific themes are introduced, including electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, modern materials.

The MINT module

The largest supplier of energy on our earth and in our planetary system is the sun. But who knows that the sun emits 4 million tons of planetary dust into space every second.

According to the DLR (German Aerospace Institute), this means that the lifetime of the sun is limited. It will have disappeared in about 4 billion years. The problem of climate change, on the other hand, does not appear to be so important. In this STEM module 'Energy', many such energy-based questions, which affect all STEM areas, enable an exciting walk through our time - an ideal tool for a school working group.



The propaedeutic in the field of biology represents a preparatory course summarizing and concluting school knowledge as well as leading into subject areas of the first semesters of the basic studies. All in all, there are more than 10 themes including according sub-themes dealt with in detail.


In the computer science propaedeutic, the students learn the well-known programming language Python and how to create their own databases as well as how to encrypt data in a variety of ways. This gives students a chance to try out computer science up close while gaining a diverse overview of computer science and at the same time an insight into the theoretical content of the course.

The course is currently developed.



The physics belongs to the natural science, which analyses fundamental natural phenomena in order to elucidate theire  properties and behaviour by means of quantitaive models and regularities. There are 45 chapters teaching about the subfields of physics: mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, optics, atomic physics and nuclear physics.

The German language

German is a West Germanic language that is spoken by around 105 million people worldwide as their mother tongue and another 80 million as a foreign language. The League of Nations - a result of the Paris Peace Conference after the First World War - was an intergovernmental organization. When the League of Nations was founded in 1920, English was chosen as the world language by a narrow majority ahead of German.

Today, due to economic links, German is spoken in many countries around the world. This preparatory course aims to remove stumbling blocks to its elegant use with many examples in speech and writing.

II. Current scholarships- / Funding programmes

Once again this year, the Foundation of the Institute for Youth Management in collaboration with the Young Business School (as the executive department) is providing a development opportunity for young talents through scholarships and funding programmes. The programmes lead to a meaningful demand along the educational path. There can be opened up opportunities like reaching the performance level of higher grades or even reaching a certain level of school leaving certificate by means of using the learned knowledge with motivation. Excellent performance levels enable even access to programmes in cooperation with higher education institutions.

Mathematische Formeln und ein Taschenrec


The mathematics training program provides the material from 3rd/4th grade along the entire school path, all the way to a college or university course of study. It can be completed at the student's own pace, beginning at the grade level "three". Eligible for funding.

English & French


The European Framework of Reference stipulates taking the path towards the field of English and French requires the language level B1 (corresponds to around 5 years of academic learning). The focus is on conversation training. This is based on the Rosetta Stone Foundations language system as a training programme. The participant decides whether there is used one language or both.

Building Robot
Robotics & Coding


This funding programme leads structured through the integrated robotics kit by means of an online course and instructs the foundations of programming. No prior knowledge is required. There are included10 buildable models, two programmable chain vehicles, a scratch course and much more.

Kinder in der Technologieklasse
Technology & Statics


The programme leads structured through the integrated experiment kit by means of an online course. The participant should dive into the exciting field of technology passing 30 buildable models, complementary tasks and materials of the online course.


III. Pupil Study Programme / Studying while still at school

The study in parallel to school, also called  Early Studies / Pupil Study Programme, is a distance learning programme with optional attendance phases and youth-friendly remote supervision. This means, the student has the possibilty to freely embed the study in the CV and to participate at attendance phases in Heidelberg or abroad learning camps nearly every month as needed.

In addition, there is given 24-hour access to the online learning system as well as the possibility of contacting tutors being ready to answer all questions around the study.

Gemeinsam studieren
Pupil Study Programme

Currently we are able to offer Pupil Studies in the following subject areas

  • Economics

  • Business Informatics

  • Infomatics

  • Mathematics

IV. Master-MINT course offerings in Heidelberg

The courses and workshops of the Master MINT academies offer impression and qualifications in the areas of mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology for pupils from preschool to high school.  

Master-MINT course offerings

The MINT areas are explored in various training paths giving deeper insight into the different areas in a successive way. The ones wanting to get a first look into the subject are invited to visit one of the discovery courses.

The weeklong skill courses (with optional overnight stay in own youth centre) allow commplementary the expansion of experience supporting chosen path of training.

V. Master-MINT excursions/expeditions

Children and youths experience special team-based expeditions, excursions, educational trips and learning camps in cooperation with Young Business School. From classical summer camps to city trips all over Europe or even to Silicon Valley.

Master-MINT excursions/expeditions

  • expeditions / Master MINT certificate for grade 4-7

  • expeditions for grade 8-12

  • excursions

  • special expeditions

  • research expedition


VI. (1) Working Group (WG)-foundation

You are a teacher and willing to establish a WG at your school? We have been working in cooperation with schools for a long time and make the learning platform and material of your dream WG available for you!

  • Specify the topic of the WG (e.g. Robotics & Coding, MINT modules etc.)

  • A WG can take place in presence or online.

  • WG terms according to your prefered dates and in your prefered duration.

  • Simply note the interested pupils on a list and send it to us, the administrational part is up to us. Conclusion of the contract happens directly between the IJM and the pupil. The school only respresents an initiator and a sparring partner.

  • Single payment including automatic end of program without the requirement of a termination.

  • All participants get an individual access to CASS-learning-management and all materials required.



Interested? Contact us for consultancy and preparation of a non-binding offer. Call: 06221 / 3955670

VI. (2) CASS - Mathematics (for schools and teachers)

„CASS Mathematics“ offers thematically structured units and chapters of mathematical content from grade 4 up to high-school-grade 12/13.

The system here covers various educational paths in terms of visual and additive learning styles including diverse opportunities of practice and tests. Consequently, a certain fundamentally application safety is ensured.

The system includes offline materials (PDF) like printable explanations and exercise sheets as well as online materials like explanation videos, interactive tasks and tests. This replaces school books and saves purchasing suplementary materials like work books, exercise books, preparational books for class tests.

​ „CASS mathematics“ is usable as primary teaching system or complementary to existing materials. It supports all needed formats as presence lessons or distance learning and allows teachers a wide overview of pupils‘ performances.

The course is currently developed. Contact us in terms of questions refering to CASS.

Further information comming soon...

VII. The IJM education network

Das Bildungsnetzwerk NEU.jpg

The Institute for Youth Management consists of the following organizational areas.

IJM Stiftung Heidelberg
Logo_IJM Allgemein_blau.png
IJM Foundation

The IJM foundation promotes own programmes of the IJM or participates with partners on the operative realisation of new ideas for own projects in the field of childrens`and adolescents` education.

Young Business School YBS Heidelberg


The YBS offers school complementary promotional programmes, connects school with university and gives pupils the opportunity studying in parallel to school lessons from grade 4 to grade 13.

YBS Logo_Emblem_schwarz_ohne-blätter.png
Master MINT


Expeditions, courses, workshops, holiday camps and worldwide promotional programmes with the focus on the fields of mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology from grade 4 to grade 13.

Master MINT Heidelberg
IJM Bildungsreisen
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IJM educational travel


IJM educational travel is a bus and tour operator being responsible for the execution and organisation of expeditions and trips in order for schools or the IJM.

House Centblick


The house "Centblick" is a well-located, spacious group accommodation in the natural park Neckartal Odenwald in Reichartshausen. Along self-sufficiency, it provides space for 46 people.


Haus Centblick – Neckartal Odenwald
CASS Logo von Webseite.jpg


Cass (Computer Aided School System) is a computer supported learning system for pupils in sake for improving the quality of school performance.

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